Police seek suspect after man attempts to assault teen

Chicago police have issued a community alert after a man attempted to assault a 15-year old girl yesterday evening.

Police say the teen was grabbed by a man who tried to pull her into an alley about 6 p.m. Saturday near 62nd and Lawndale.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, age 20-25, with a light complexion, 5’5 with long, black hair.

When the attack happened he had stubble on his face and was wearing a baseball hat with a royal blue rim over a white do-rag with one knot tied in the rear. He was dress in a large, white t-shirt and oversized blue jeans with grey boxer shorts as well as white, Nike Air Force shoes.

The girl saw one tattoo, a solid, five pointed star on the inside of the man’s right wrist.

Police say the teenage girl got away because of a neighbor who saw what was going on and scared the man away.

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