Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh ‘kicked off the air’ over slurs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Joe Walsh begin radio hosting gig

Former Republican Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh says he has been suspended from his radio show for using racial slurs, while discussing the Washington Redskins name controversy.

Walsh tweeted about the incident in real time Thursday night.

The conservative talk show host says WIND-AM repeatedly cut his sound as he used the slurs.

Walsh appeared to be protesting his ability to use the term “redskins,” but not other racially sensitive terms.

He tweeted that he has been removed as the host of the nightly Joe Walsh Show until further notice.

The station has not commented on the matter.

Here are the tweets below:

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    • Miguel Rey

      I love it when ignorant people same dumb things like this. Give us one example? By the way, Rev. Sharpton has also marched for white and disability people. He is not racist, he just calls them out like he se’s them. Now, MSNBC has fired two broadcasters for offensive language in the past few years. PBS has also fired two prominent people for offensive language.

  • Laura Brice

    I am so sick of hearing he said this, or he said that. Blacks and whites have to spot slamming one another. Too much hate in the world. I am a white almost 57 year old woman, and all my life I have seen too much hatred for one another. It is so sad. When I grew up in the city of Chicago, I grew up Rogers Park. The adults where the problem with their beliefs. I was in a very strict home, raised Roman Catholic. My neighborhood children that I play were Jewish, Greeks, Germans etc. When we get together to play or hang out as we got older we didn’t about our back grounds. The parents did and a lot of the time I couldn’t play with someone because the parents would find out I wasn’t Jewish or Greek.
    We need to stop the hate and love one another.
    It really hurt me when I was a child, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t play with my friends.

    Laura Brice

    • Miguel Rey

      Blacks and whites? You have it half right. More like non racist Whites together with Blacks who slam racist Whites. Very important NOT to convolute this as a Black vs White thing, it is far from that. If anything is a Liberal vs Right Wing/Tea Bagger thing. By the way Jewish, Greeks & Germans are all White when it comes down to it.

  • Diane

    Well at least eight people failed to read the story before commenting here. Joe Walsh’s program was cut short by the station during a discussion about the controversial name of the Washington, D.C., NFL football team. I doubt most posting here don’t even know who is actually leading that protest. The Redskin Nation? no they don’t exist. It was the people of the Redskin Tribe. No they don’t exit either. Do a lil research folks. Well getting off topic here.

    Joe was talking about how hypersensitive everyone is getting and now we have the alphabet of forbidden words. N-word. F-word . R- word. C-word…and of course Nazi

    Just use the infamous list George Carlin made famous as a reference guide for names you don’t call people .


    oh btw Joe Walsh will be broadcasting this evening.

  • Moe

    How do you have a discussion about racial slurs when you can’t even talk about certain words with being censured?
    The PC police are comparable to the birth Big Brother. Good bye First Amendment