Ex-Pastor blames victim, seeks lower sentence for having sex with minor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The former pastor of a megachurch in Northwest Indiana, who went to jail for having sex with an underage girl, is now blaming the victim for their inappropriate relationship.

Jack Schapp pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison for engaging in sex with an underage girl in 2012.

She went to him for counseling at Hammond Baptist Church.

Schapp now wants a federal judge to overturn his sentence.

The Northwest Indiana Times cites court documents that accuse the girl of seducing Schapp.

Defense experts say the risky strategy may backfire and the judge could give Schaap additional prison time.

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  • Betty

    The kids that attend his church and school are complete innocents, mentally and physically. They have been conditioned since birth to serve their church. They can't watch TV, listen to unapproved radio programs, or read uncensored newspapers. They have no knowledge of the world around them, except for what the church has taught them. He is a slime ball.

      • Betty

        He is complete and utter waste of space. Who cares what two consenting men do together? My best friend is a gay man, and I have plenty of other gay and lesbian friends. This "church" is a cult, where children are indoctrinated against the real world.

      • Jane

        Betty I agree with you 100% And Mike you sound like are no better than him. He needs to be locked away.

      • Mike Payne

        I was being "sarcastic" Jane, what Betty said is exactly right — "Who cares".

        BUT if you ask the "Pastor", what answer do you think you would get about Gays (while he molests kids — and blames them for it).

        btw: How exactly does a child "seduce" one??

  • Lisa

    If anything the jugde should give this molester more time,blaming the victim shows that he will do it again and again,monsters like him make me sick and they need to be put away forever!!!