Barrington elementary school warns parents of ‘hanging game’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It may have only been horseplay in a bathroom, but a “hanging game” that two second grade boys were playing at Countryside Elementary in Barrington have school officials and parents worried.

“I am a bit concerned,” said Lisa Wytek, the parent of a first grader at the school. She and other parents received an email Wednesday morning, detailing the potentially fatal fun and games that happened at the school earlier this week.

Before the hooks were removed from Countryside and all the schools in the Barrington 220 District , the principal says the second grade boys were hanging from their shirts on them and twisting in the air. Other students saw what happened and told a staff member. The two boys were taken to the school nurse and checked out, both were fine.

“I believe the children thought it was horseplay. The danger is that it only takes a very quick accident and a very limited time for a strangulation occurrence to occur,” said school nurse Mary Anne Wesoloski

All the kids were taken to the principal’s office and counseled about the reckless behavior.

“I was very worried but I feel very fortunate that we had a group of students that were responsible and alert and did exactly what they’ve been taught to do,” said  Principal Kimberly Foster-Thomas.

Lori Madison is the parent of a second grade boy who was not involved in the “hanging game, but she said she had a long talk with her kids about what happened.

“They know the dangers of it. They know it’s not something they should engage in. If they see it, they should tell somebody,” she said.

School lets out for the summer Thursday.

Barrington school officials are asking parents to be on alert and make sure their kids are not passing their free time playing the “hanging game.”


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