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Rep. Robin Kelly Hosts Youth Summit

Chicago’s 2nd Congressional District Representative Robin Kelly (D) hosted a two-pronged youth event today on Chicago’s South Side.
It was a Youth Summit to address violence, paired with a Job Expo for young men and women between the ages of 15 and 21.
WGN reporter Gaynor Hall moderated the event.
More than a thousand participants had registered, and more than 50 companies and agencies were on-site to accept job applications.
The consensus on violence was verbalized by Congresswoman Kelly, who quoted the panel by saying, “It takes a village… .”

Following the summit, workshops focused on job interview skills, resume writing, financial responsibility and building positive work habits.

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1 Comment

  • Mike Payne

    YOU ALL KNOW that the BIGGEST part of of the cause of all this violence is NO JOBS, and little LARGE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT throughout the South Side!

    R A H M (Our Mayor) has it within HIS POWER to EASILY create 10,000 New Permanent Jobs on the South Side — BUT HE W O N ' T…..

    Not " HE C A N ' T " — The Mayor C O U L D (Easily), but The Mayor " W O N ' T " –
    and Black People continue to DIE because of it EVERY SINGLE DAY…….

    And WHY won't Mr. Mayor Emanuel create those 10,000 New Jobs on the South Side:

    P O L I T I C S ! ! ! Letting your Children Die………

    I wish I could talk to Andrew Holmes about this, please contact me if you should read this Mr. Holmes.