Midday Fix: Perennial Garden Planting Tips

Tips from Jennifer Davit, Director, The Lurie Garden

  • Replace annuals with perennials, especially those native to prairies, which require little water and no fertilizer.
  • Beyond color, choose textures, movement and fragrances that appeal to you.
  • Many perennials attract wildlife, because they provide nectar and pollen.
  • Plant perennials 15 to 20 inches apart with the crown at the ground level – don’t plant too deep.
  • Depending on the plant needs, you may not need much fertilizer.
  • Water when signs of stress become evident. Avoid using hardwood mulch around perennials; use leaf mulch or the plants clippings as natural mulch instead.
  • Avoid insecticides.


Lurie Garden Spring Festival & Plant Sale Saturday, June 7, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Lurie Garden in Millennium Park


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