Midday Fix: Dr. Tony’s summertime pet safety tips

Dr. Tony Kremer


Pet Safety Tips:

Read labels on pesticides/insecticides

Fence your yard

Call Your veterinarian immediately

Pesticides/Fertilizers Dangerous to Your Pets:

Mole & Gopher Bait or Poison Peanuts/Pellets-
Typically contain zinc phosphide or bromethalin
Extremely Dangerous if ingested by pets can cause death

Rose & Plant Fertilizers
Commonly contain disulfoton or organophosphates
As little as a teaspoon can kill a 55 pound dog

Typically come in a spray can and are irritants to the pet
Some may contain an organophosphate which can be deadly if consumed in large amounts


Tulips and Hyacinths


Lilies (Tiger, Day, Asiatic, Easter and Japanese Show) are extremely dangerous to cats

Autumn Crocus – Highly Toxic

Lily of the Valley



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