Bicyclist struck and killed in Mundelein

A bicyclist was struck and killed in Mundelein Wednesday night in what was initially a hit-and-run. Police say a person came “in voluntarily and indicated that he may have been involved in the accident.”

40-year-old Carl Roderwald was reported missing Thursday. He had last been seen at the Crossroads Inn around 10:30 Wednesday night.

Police worked with the victim’s cell phone provider and were able to narrow down his location.

They searched along Route 83, near McCrae Lane, and found a badly damaged bike. The victim was found nearby in the tall grass.

Police say at around 1:30 this afternoon a man in his 60s contacted them after realizing he was on the same stretch of Route 83 as Roderwald at about the same time. The driver of a Ford F150 pickup truck knew he hit something, but told police he never imagined it was the man on his bike.

Roderwald is survived by his wife and 16-year old daughter.


No charges have been filed pending further investigation.

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1 Comment

  • When they catch the person that hit him, mandatory jail time

    No matter how scared, no drivers license/car insurance, DUI/OWI you should stop after hitting somebody. At the very least call a lawyer, family friend or member and then turn yourself in. I do not buy the ” It was dark, I thought I hit a animal BS. We need to start assigning mandatory jail time for
    people if the leave a struck person like trash on the side of the road.