Dozens of students banned from Oak Lawn HS graduation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

More than 400 members of the senior class at Oak Lawn Community High School are scheduled to participate in their graduation ceremony Wednesday night, but 48 of their classmates will not be joining them after school officials discovered they took part in a scam.

They are accused of falsifying documentation of their required community service hours needed to graduate.

The school’s principal say 47 students claimed to have helped at the Stony Creek Golf Course in Oak Lawn but they never did the work they claimed.

A 48th student completed the required 24 service hours over four years but he allegedly forged the signature of the general manager of Stony Creek on forms of 45 other students.

That student is accused of charging his classmates $10 to $20 for each forged signature.

He was suspended from school for five days and banned from taking part in Wednesday’s graduation ceremony.

The other students are also banned from graduating and will not receive their diplomas until they provide proof of having met the graduation requirements.

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    • CrabMan

      I'm pretty sure this happens in lots of countries around the world where bribery is part of the system. Humans have a way of looking for shortcuts.

  • Kathy Jenner

    Good for oak lawn high school for their due diligence and standing up to these kids. Let's hope the parents don't start coming to their rescue arguing why Johnny or Susie should be excused from punishment!!

  • Nancy

    I (as an OLCHS parent) applaud our administration!! These are certainly not the values that (most of) our village and schools instill in our children. Embarrassed that the parents of the students involved are actually speaking against the administration for upholding our moral.

  • kirby14

    Double or triple the time they need to volunteer – AND change the venue to picking up street trash, working at the morgue, etc. They don't deserve to be 'punished' by hanging out at a golf course – in the lovely summer weather. They deserve to sweat and stink and cry!
    And of course, HIGHLIGHT their high school transcripts with this chosen deed!

    • LEriksen

      Why not flog them too while you’re at it? Put them in stockades!! OMG they forged COMMUNITY SERVICE! They didn’t kill anyone, cheat on actual school work or tests – it’s VOLUNTEERISM. Calm down.

      • guest

        So now forgery is something you want to teach them is acceptable?? You sound like so many of the enabling parents out there–Rules don't apply if my kid doesn't like them.

  • Tom

    So now community service is required for graduation? And then you're telling me that working at a golf course meets that requirement?

  • frank

    Shame on them for their dishonesty!!

    Almost like saying "If you like your health plan you can keep it……..Period"

  • guest1

    I am disgusted that the parents of these students are calling the principal to complain and ask for a different punishment. It's no different than not completing a class. They didn't fulfill the requirements and don't get to graduate. Teach your children some values and integrity and they wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

  • Concerned

    This is truly sad. The simple concept of doing your community one 24 hour day of service over the course of FOUR YEARS and they didn't have the moral character to think that was worth while.

    They're not evening being punished. All they have to do is complete the community service. And they'll get their diplomas.

    Sorry for the inconvenience guys. It was your choice. boo hoo.

  • Lisa

    Haha! The only things these types of non academic requirements do is force people to lie. I don't know why people can't understand that. Community service should NEVER be required on someone elses schedule just so a school board can check off a box and feel good about themselves.

  • peanutbellies

    We all known teens demand to be treated like an adult, this is especially true of the high school seniors. Well, kids you made an "adult" decision now you have to accept the adult consequences. But if you forge in the workforce or in any other place as an adult you will be fired (no leniency) or put in jail. So in adult reality, this is a lenient consequence. You can't pick and choose what parts of adulthood you want and then run crying to mom and dad like a kid after a poor decision when you don't like the consequence.

    If it was my kid (yes I'm a parent of middle schoolers) then I would make the personal decision to double their community service hours (what the school demands then do the same amount for me) and refuse to allow them to attend a graduation ceremony that they have not EARNED the PRIVILEGE (not a right!) to attend.