Businesswoman carrying infant says she was kicked out of Chicago trade show

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Minnesota woman claims she was kicked out of McCormick Place for carrying her infant.

Kristin Osborne says security guards asked her to leave the National Restaurant Association trade show on Saturday.

The show has a strict policy banning all children under 16 for safety reasons.

Osborne has two other children and she says she knew about the ban but didn’t think it applied to her 10-day old infant.

She says she couldn’t leave her newborn because is breastfeeding.

Osborne was at the show to promote her family’s winery.

Women are legally allowed to breastfeed in all public places in Illinois.

But an attorney who is an expert in national breast-feeding laws says the law does not apply in this case because children are excluded for safety reasons.

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  • Observer

    "The show has a strict policy banning all children under 16 for safety reasons." Sounds cut and dried to me. Could maybe Ms. Osborne have contacted the show ahead of time and inquired about their exact rules for children, instead of making an assumption?

  • Terry Z.

    I have two children also and when they were younger, I never took them to a place that had a "no children" policy. We understood some places just aren't the right venue. Whatever their reason, it is their right to make these exclusions. Her defense of "didn’t think it applied to her 10-day old infant" smacks of some type of entitlement. Whether 10 years old or one day old, children are just that: Children! Sorry folks, the world is full of rules. Like them or not, it behooves you to take some social responsibility.

  • guest

    I've been to this business trade show and it is not for children. She either should not have attended the show or left her infant with a nanny/family member who could have cared for the child. What did she do with her other children? Simply her arrogance of saying a rule shouldn't apply to her tells you a lot about her.

  • KTB

    Unbelievable, irresponsible, infants are so vulnerable to germs it is against doctors recommendations to take them out for the first 6 weeks of their lives, and she takes her baby to a trade show?! There are breast pumps, this woman is obviously an idiot in more ways than one.

  • Amy

    Didn't think it would apply to a 10 day old. A child is a child no matter what age. I love crying foul for breastfeeding. No lady the ban is not on breastfeeding but on children being a distraction while people try to conduct business. I am sure it is expensive for companies to exhibit at the restaurant show and don't want children running around bumping into people and things. Also, as a business owner how did she think she was going to promote her wine with a 10 day old baby, how unprofessional. As a business owner myself with kids, I would never bring them to such an event.

  • guest

    I understand also she was pouring wine for her family business, "no child is allowed behind a bar in Illinois let alone a 10 day old, plus they could have sent someone without a child instead of snubbing their nose at the rules !_

  • Guest

    I'm sorry but on this one I have to side with the event ..
    The title to this article is misleading. The title using Kicked Out brings images of her being dragged by security & escorted from the event.
    She was asked to leave due to safety restrictions placed on the event.
    Accidents can happen in an instant, people in a panic cause more injuries to others around them by fleeing & placing an infant into a potentially dangerous & hazardous situation is at least to me not a good idea. If the baby needs fed once every hour she could have pumped & stored milk in the fridge for use during the time she would have been at the event.
    The article states she left her other Two children at home which means either a babysitter or her co-parent or partner was at the house easily allowing them to feed the baby.
    So I do not see the controversy.
    I think the event was well within its rights.