Woman films her own abortion, posts video to Facebook

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.38.35 AMA woman’s clinic counselor in New Jersey to film her own abortion and post the video online as a away to show support to other women  who undergo the procedure.

Emily Letts, 25, works as a patient advocate at the Cherry Hill Women’s Shelter, PIX 11 reports. She decided she was not ready to take care of a child and wanted the abortion.

The video is not graphic and lasts about 5 minutes. Letts appears calm throughout.

In a column for Cosmopolitan, Letts writes that after she uploaded her video to Facebook she received many hateful comments.

“I got ‘You’re a Nazi.’ ‘You deserve to die.’ You killed your baby,” Letts writes. “Just so much blind hatred without knowing who I am or what I’m about.”

Despite some negative comments, Letts said she loves the video and has received a lot of support.



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