Ex-state Rep. Farnham charged with possession of child pornography

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Former state Rep Keith Farnham was indicted Monday and charged with two counts of possessing child porn.
One count reportedly involved a video of a 6-month-old girl and another involving a girl perhaps as young as 7.
Farnham resigned abruptly in march after federal agents raided his home and state office.
At the time Farnham said he was resigning for health reasons.
According to affidavit filed in federal court toda, agents seized several computers that had been used to download porn.
Agents from Homeland Security’s cybercrimes task force obtained a number of instant message chats sent between June 2013 and January of this year.
The affidavit says Farnham allegedly wrote in one exchange with another user — “I wish I had access to all vids and pics ever made”  and in another he wrote “Do you trade? Always looking for good stuff”.
Farmham’s neighbors In Elgin say they are shocked at today news and can’t believe a guy they’ve known for years even having backyard barbecues with  could be accused of such heinous crimes.

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  • What is the matter with this? Charged for a serious felony but not arrested?

    I am completely lost with this.
    This state rep, charged & he resigned obviously because of some substantial truths behind the charge(s). Why has he not been arrested?
    What is wrong with this.
    They found evidence in his “state office”. They charged him with this sick crime but no arrest?
    Lock this sicko up, there really is no excuse why he has at the very least not been arrested for this charge.

  • Double Standard

    It seems that WGN conveniently forgot to report that Farnham is a Democrat. If he were a member of an other political party, WGN would be happy to report that.

  • Bitcoin Bob

    It's good that he co-sponsored bills that increased penalties for child pornography. He can now experience his creation firsthand.