Chicago indoor e-cigarette ban effective today

Chicago’s ban on smoking e-cigarettes indoors starts today.

The new rule prohibits people from using e-cigarettes inside restaurants, bars and most other public places in the city.

It also requires stores to sell e-cigarettes from behind the counter, making it harder for children to buy them.

The FDA recently announced it plans to begin regulating e-cigarettes.

It wants to ban sales to children and require manufacturers to put health warnings on e-cigarettes.

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  • Diane

    Could Chicago try any harder to keep people from Illinois from having any desire to visit the city. Higher parking fees , higher ticket prices , higher entertainment taxes , banning one thing after another. And lets not forget the crime rate.

    Most of what I used to visit the city for , I can now find a similar version in the burbs. Other than the lake there is little reason to spend my cash downtown.

  • Beer Co man

    Hmm…so, how is this E cigarette ban helping with the gang problem? Oh! That's right! Silly me! I forgot; Chicago is only interested in shaking down people for money. Can't make money off a gangs killing innocent kids or perverts raping and assaulting women! Carry on with the war on gun owners, the poor, and those trying to quit smoking! My bad!