Happy Birthday Wrigley


As I think about Wrigley’s 100th birthday, I still go back to what my overriding feeling about the park has been for 20 years–simplistic beauty. The Friendly Confines don’t distract from the sights and sounds of the city, they rather blend in perfectly. I love coming in on Addison from the west and just getting that first glimpse of the facade once you get past Racine. That never gets old. You’re in the middle of a bustling city and all the sudden a big league ballpark pops up!

There have been a million odes written about the game and about it’s place in the heart of big cities. And I really hope we never lose that. I understand the idea that in many big league towns, land is less expensive outside the downtown areas and there’s more room on which to build. But the beauty of Wrigley is how little space it takes up. The idea of it fitting into the urban landscape, amidst the neighborhood, is incredibly charming.

Will it be around for another 100 years? I wouldn’t bet against it. It’s The Little Ballpark That Could.


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