Lake Station mayor, wife indicted; Accused of stealing money from food pantry

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The mayor of Lake Station, Indiana and his wife are free on bond after being indicted on charges they misused campaign funds and stole money from a local food pantry.

Keith Soderquist and his wife Deborah Soderquist surrendered to federal authorities in Hammond Thursday morning.

The couple is accused of taking $18,500 from his election campaign and an undisclosed amount from the food pantry account.

They’re believed to have used the money to gamble at casinos.

The couple is also accused of helping Soderquist’s step-daughter, Miranda Brakley, avoid arrest after she allegedly stole $5,000 from the Lake Station City Court.

She is accused of theft and bankruptcy fraud in a separate indictment.

Soderquist was elected mayor in 2008 and was re-elected in 2012.
His defense attorney says the allegations are untrue.


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  • Shaniqua

    Wow!!! someone deleted my posting!
    What I asked is whether this politician is a Democrat. I suspect so..Tribune/WGN usually forget to mention the party unless the criminal politician is a Republican.

  • John

    This is really sad. I am a resident of Lake Station. In my neighborhood we had a large scale drug operation operating out of a trailer park. The previous administration did nothing about it. They ignored our pleas to close it down. We also had a second drug house that the city would not listen to us about. We had myriad of bonfires despite Lake County having a total ban on open burning. The previous administration would do nothing about it as to forcing the police to enforce the drug and fire ban laws. Soderquist immediately corrected both problems. He was eminently available to the common citizen with a complaint. I hate to think that without him this city will revert to its previous state of not giving a damn about the quality of life in this area as was the case under the last mayor. I guess hoping these charges against Soderquist and his family are unfounded is rather futile. There are so many and in such specificity that it sickens me to think of what might lay ahead for him and his family. No, I'm not a liberal bleeding heart. It is just that this man has done so much for my area that it sickens me to think what might lie ahead for him and my neighborhood.