Man shot and robbed at home after winning at casino

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man was hospitalized after suspects broke into his suburban home early this morning, robbed him of recently casino winnings and shot him.

51-year-old Scott Farrow is in serious but stable condition at Christ hospital after being shot in the stomach and hit on the head with most likely a hammer.

Last night, police say he took home some winnings. a couple thousand dollars from the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond. Detectives think he was being watched.

When he got to his house along 131st St and lay down on his couch, he had no idea two intruders were about to burst into his back door.

Horseshoe Casino released a statement saying, “Horseshoe Casino is aware of the investigation that is underway. As with any investigation, we are in full cooperation with the local authorities. Our best wishes are with Scott Farrow and his family.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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    • Lisa

      No where in my comment did I state this man deserved to be shot,nobody has the right to come into your home and assault you,i just made a general statement because im not a gambler,i hate this violence we have in this world just like any other upstanding and law abiding citizen,i hope they are caught too because next time that person might not survive the brutally of these two thugs,because they will do it again,my prayers are with Mr Farrow tonite…

  • Friend

    He is a good and generous man. He did not deserve this. Nor does anyone. I pray they catch them and they rot in hell for what they did. I have read another post on another site from some idiot that called him a racist and said he should have shared his winnings. KEY WORD HIS WINNINS. That was his money not theirs he is not a racist and he is VERY GENEROUS. So here is my thought to anyone who would post such foolish idiotic nonsense. Keep your mouth shut and your comments to your self unless you have a brain and you know what your talking about . Clearly you are nothing more then a waist of life.

  • Marie

    Very sad news I pray they get caught. Just goes to show in this day and age we don't have the luxury of not being aware of our surroundings!