Lawmakers pass Chicago pension reform bill

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Illinois lawmakers passed Chicago’s first reform bill Tuesday but they left the tough part for Mayor Emanuel and the city council.

Both the House and Senate passed the bill but only after Republicans forced the part about state lawmakers approving a Chicago property tax to pay for it out of the bill.

That will fall on a skittish Chicago city council to vote on instead.

For his part, the mayor gave a minute long statement this afternoon thanking Springfield for starting the ball rolling.

Gov Quinn has not said if he’ll sign the bill

Unions have said everything from this is robbery to illegal,

The worker pension reform bill also doesn’t deal with three of Chicago’s other more expensive pensions: Teacher, fire and police.


More at Chicago Tribune

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  • Maggie King

    Maybe Rahm Emanuel should have one of his pensions reformed. Let’s talk about the fact that the politicians are the reason for the pension problem not the firefighters and police. Maybe the journalists that promote this crap should actually get the facts before putting the blame on the hard working public servants.

    • Shane

      Rahm is just another corporate democrat. These alleged democrats are worse than teabaggers! At least the teabaggers are no longer afraid of what they believe in: rob the middle class and give it all to their friends.

  • Louis

    Rambo Rahm Israel firster, Mossad deputy cheif? I can only shake my head. What in the world is the people of Chi town thinking?