Police shoot, kill man with butcher knife on Southwest Side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police shot and killed a 21-year-old man after he refused to drop a butcher knife in a Southwest Side home.

Police were called to the home in the 2500 block of west 50th Street after receiving calls of domestic dispute.

When police arrived, Hector Hernandez was on the front steps, holding a child and a black bag with a gun inside.

He eventually handed the baby over and dropped the bag.

But then he grabbed a butcher knife and threatened to kill his family.

Officers used the Taser gun to subdue him, but when that didn’t work, they opened fire.

The man was on probation in a domestic battery and domestic kidnapping case, and there was a valid order of protection against him.

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  • arubatom

    Calvin is correct in his post…wanted suicide by cop and he got it…one less domestic abuser on the street…the problem was indeed solved as Jock stated.

  • eyeh8you

    im sure the pigs staged the knife, unless there is video proof of him with all these weapons I don't believe a word they say

  • Another death in the windy city.

    I am not so sure about suicide by cop?
    In a physical altercation, your rationing goes out the window, that is unless you train for it not too.
    Now was it exessive force? Well, I think being shot 8 times is.
    Should the use of deadly force have been used? After hearing how the guy grabbed mutiple knives, fought with the police, refused to submit after several cops where there and yet he refused to submit to being restrained especially after attempting to being tased and yet he kept on going at them as well putting his friends or family members in great harm of those who where there including the one(s) he was physically abusing and their safety was jeporady.
    I say yes deadly force was tragically the only way.
    Now – Why shouldnt the first responders be able to go home safe and injury free at the end of their work shifts?
    The relative that say the cops where justing looking to take a life I believe is truly saddened and perhaps disconnected from the deceased’s behavioral patterns and maybe that person should’ve tried to get the man help with professionals in social work and psychiatric evaluations sometime earlier in his life?
    I would wager this is not the case nor was this the first time that person tried to use violence in his personal agenda.