Sears closes flagship Loop location

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sears closed its flagship location at Madison and State Street Sunday.
After an 18 year hiatus from downtown, Sears opened the store in 2001. But after years of declining sales, the store is once again saying goodbye to downtown.

On the last day of shopping the pickings were slim. But what was left included the racks and tables the merchandise was stacked on. It was all sold at basement prices.

Profits have been in the basement for the past two years for the Hoffman Estates-based company, which is why its closing the flagship store.  The Chicago Tribune reports the company lost $1.4 billion last year and more than $900 million the year before.

CPS is moving its headquarters to the building next.


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    • Jim W

      Smitty, it is obvious that you do not live in Chicago, or shop at Sears on State – hence you must be TROLL. Sears on State has been like a wholesale store with aisle block by sloppy displayed merchandise, lack of sizes in clothing, lack of a diverse selection of merchandise, sears has lost customers throughout america due to lack of keeping up with the times and understanding there customers needs.

      • smitty

        And yes, I don't live in Chicago any more, since I moved out, Chicago has been in decline and is becoming another Detroit and not in the good way.

      • smitty

        It means that people don't have disposable income to buy things, now they will have to pay much more for Obamacare. Multiply that by millions of people and that is a major source of money.

      • Jim W

        Smitty get away from the keyboard before you hurt yourself. This is a story of a Sears store closing that as you stated you do not even live close to Chicago – hey why don't you have a 'Tea Party" and relax… enjoy that life you have made

  • Morgan S

    wow what some of the Republican Trolls will comment on just push whatever there idealism is. Many of the retailers on State in Chicago are thriving by keeping up there customers needs, it has been sad to go into Sears and see what they have turned into