Investigators: 19 vehicles recovered in theft ring

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police continue their investigation into a stolen car and truck ring discovered on the city’s South Side Monday.

Police believe the stolen vehicles were being scraped or chopped for parts.
The stolen car and truck ring was uncovered after an unidentified local man had his vehicle swiped over the weekend.
He and some relatives fanned out throughout the Southside and found it on the 106th street lot.
Investigators have scaled back the number of vehicles they believe have been stolen to 19 from an estimated 70 or more.
According to a Chicago Tribune source,  one employee is already in custody and has admitted to knowing about a stolen vehicle operation.
It’s suspected that a group of people affiliated with a towing company obtained the vehicles to scrap or ship overseas.
As a sidebar the local alderman John Pope and Mayor Emanuel persuaded the city council to give the company at center of this investigation Adelman’s Truck and Equipment a tax break that helped the company move ahead with a $2.5 million dollar expansion two years ago.
Pope now says he will try to recoup about $162,000 dollars Adelman’s obtained through the city tax break.
While there has been only one arrest so far there could end up being many more before all is said and done.

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  • Ismael

    The robbery is not over yet. Wait until the city charge You for towing and storage. Some people showed up to pick up their cars, if They had prove or a police report why not give them their cars. The city has to get their fees before They give You your car. This is another robbery. Poor city folks They get robbed in a lot of different ways. Keep voting Democrat.

  • Guest

    This is a GLOBALIST company,,,,one of many allowed here to operate by your corrupt Mayor and his Agenda . This is only one of the MANY scams this man has in store for you. People wake up.
    He is here to take away your rights and carry out the Globalist Agenda. It is a full blown takeover of
    America. Trains,cars,water,electricity,gas,oil,,, all resources,all on PURPOSE,,,this is how they take you down. Please Wake up.