MLB Instant Replay

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imagesWith replay upon us today, here are some of the basics to know as replays begin emanating from the MLB war room in New York. Replay officials can review only the portions of the play that were challenged. Replay officials will only reverse a call based on clear and convincing evidence. Replay officials have three options for review: Confirmed, Stands (no clear and convincing evidence), or Overturned.

Manager challenge:

-One per game and one additional challenge if the first challenge is correct

-Manager must specify exactly what he is challenging

– Manager challenges play by leaving the dugout and verbally notifying the umpire


Home run/collision calls

-HR calls and collision calls at the plate are subject to unlimited review at the discretion of the Crew Chief

-Clubs can request a review but cannot challenge HR calls

-If Crew Chief reviews a collision, the safe/out call is automatically reviewed and the manager will not be charged a challenge.

-Manager can challenge safe/out call even if Crew Chief doesn’t review the collision


Challenge timing

The manager must challenge the play prior to:

-Play within an inning: before the pitchers steps to the rubber and the batter gets in the box

-Pitching change: before the signal of the pitching change (defense) or before the pitcher crosses warning track or foul line (offense)

-Third out: the manager must immediately run onto the field to notify the umpires that he is considering a challenge and must challenge within 30 seconds.

-End of the game: the manager must immediately challenge


Included plays:

-Most common plays: force play, tag play, fair/foul outfield only, trap play outfield only, batter hit by pitch

-Base running: timing play, touching a base, passing runners

-Catcher collisions (no challenges)

-Boundaries: home runs (no challenges), ground rule double, fan interference, stadium boundaries (skywalk, fielder into stands, etc.)

-Record keeping (no challenges): ball/strike count, outs, score, illegal substitutions, rules check


Excluded plays:

– Balls and strikes

-Umpire judgements including interference/obstruction, checked swings, balks, infield fly rule

-Fair/foul and trap plays on the infield

-Tag up on fly ball – runner leaving early

– Judgement portion of neighborhood play

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