Derailed Blue Line train removed from O’Hare stop

The wreckage from Monday morning’s Blue Line train crash at O’Hare, has been hauled away.  Now, repair crews are into the final phase of getting the O’Hare terminal ready to reopen.  The goal, according to CTA,  is to make that happen some time this weekend.

Here’s how it looked as the final piece of the train was carted away on a flatbed, after being cut up with saws and blowtorches.

The train overshot the station when its operator allegedly fell asleep, and ended up on the stairs and escalator. The operator was accused of dozing off during another run in February.

Damage is estimated at 6-million dollars. The CTA is facing five lawsuits charging neglect.

Shuttle buses are running between Rosemont and O’Hare.

When the Blue Line train stops at O’Hare next, it will be operating at a lower speed.  Officials lowered the approaching speed to 15 miles per hour from 25 miles per hour.




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