First lawsuits filed in Blue Line derailment; still no service to O’Hare

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The first lawsuits have been filed, in the wake of Monday’s train crash at O’Hare airport.

The Blue Line train overshot the terminal, and climbed an escalator, injuring 30 people.

Mayor Emanuel got a first-hand look at the wreckage Tuesday.

Now, some of the passengers are speaking out about their frightening ordeal.

None of the passengers’ injuries was life-threatening.

There is evidence the train operator dozed off, near the end of her shift.

The train was going about 25 miles per hour.

The emergency brake activated, but it wasn’t enough to stop the train.

The wreckage remains in the terminal, so there is still no Blue Line train service between O’Hare and Rosemont this morning.

The CTA is running shuttle buses instead.