Spring Break in Chicago: Apps for being a tourist in your own city

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hey Chicagoans – if you’re not going anywhere for spring break, fear not. These apps will help you play tourist in your own city.

Peek: Tours & Activities

Free for iOS, but you pay for activity bookings

Peek is an itinerary-planning app featuring things to do in Chicago (among several other U.S. and international destinations). When you launch the app, you are asked to take Peek’s personality quiz to help the app determine what types of activities to suggest to you. In addition to things to do, Peek also provides city guides to some of the most popular destinations in the city.


Free for iOs

Having 312GO on your phone is like having a Chicago historian in your pocket. Keep the 312GO app running on your iPhone, and you’ll learn fun facts about the Windy City as you travel around — running errands, running along the lakefront, etc. Each fact or story is triggered by your location. Over 3,000 facts and stories have been added to 312GO, and according to the app’s founders — who are also from the Chicago area — more will be added. And the app interacts well with music, fading out slightly when you pass by a landmark that needs its story told.

Taxi Share – Chicago

Free for Android

Going to one of Chicago’s popular destinations in a cab? Taxi Share Chicago allows you to share that cab ride with someone else. You can communicate with others trying to travel to the same location through the app’s messaging feature. If you’re already in a cab, you can open the app and see if others want to catch a ride along the way.

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