Creepy clown spotted around Staten Island streets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sightings of a creepy clown hanging around city streets at night are going viral.

Videos and pictures show the clown holding balloons and waving at people around Staten Island.

Many of the sightings have been at night.

People who posted the pictures on social media say he looks like the scary clown “Pennywise” from a Stephen King novel.

Some believe a local movie company that produces horror films is behind the creepy clown sightings.

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  • Lisa

    Why hasn't anyone called the police or questioned this man,until someone finds out who he is watch your kids and lock your doors people!!!!

    • chris

      obviously you are not a police officer nor do you know anything about the law. a person does not need to commit a crime in order to be questioned by the police. there is something called reasonable suspicion, which is all an officer needs to legally perform a terry stop and temporarily detain an individual to conduct a field interview and investigation. and an individual sneaking around at night, looking in people's houses dressed as a clown certainly qualifies as reasonable suspicion. i'm quite certain you're the type of person that would chastise the police if this person were to do something and the police took no action. there is absolutely no winning from a law enforcement standpoint with some people.

  • wally

    john wayne gacy was a clown too. why dont we wait til this clown kills someone maybe 33 people and then ask what his is doing. You cant be too careful nowadays. If he is suspious id be calling the police.

    Better safe than sorry.