‘Listen Linda!’ Boy from viral video finally gets cupcakes, surprises from Ellen

“Listen, listen, listen, Linda!”

A 3-year-old who went viral on the internet for his compelling arguing skills with his mother to eat a cupcake, has finally gotten his just desserts

Linda and 3-year-old Matthew Beltran, better known as Mateo, appeared on Ellen on Tuesday. During the interview, Linda explained her argumentative son and Mateo received a mountain of cupcakes from Ellen.

The video has received almost 5 million video views.

Linda and Mateo received more surprises from Ellen as well…watch the video for more details.


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  • Indiana Joan

    This little boy is adorable! He really is! No wonder this video has gone viral…he makes a compelling case for why he should get cupcakes. I think he would make a great lawyer someday!:-)

  • Danny

    So now we're rewarding children for talking back to their parents? No wonder things are the way they are these days. I would have gotten a pop in the mouth if I had done that and subsequently have learned to listen to and respect my elders.

  • Dia

    Look, you can be a brat, and get everything you want, mom just needs to film it and upload it to Youtube, and you'll have your 15 minutes of fame and more opportunities to be a brat.

  • Leslie

    This kid is a brat. And the mother needs to have her head examined for listening to his disrespectful commentary for longer than 30 seconds.