Polls open in Illinois for primary election day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It’s primary election day today in Illinois and polls opened at 6 am.

pollsSeveral statewide offices are up for election, including US Senate, governor and state treasurer.

Winnetka businessman Bruce Rauner was among the first of the four GOP gubernatorial candidates to vote Tuesday morning.

Rauner called his candidacy a noble mission to turn around Illinois.  “I am going to transform the government in Springfield just the way Mitch Daniels did when he turned around Indiana.  Mitch Daniels did a phenomenal job turning around Indiana, restoring their school system, restoring their business climate, bringing jobs back to Indiana.  He’s our role model and we’re going to do just as he did in Indiana.”

Downstate State Senator Bill Brady, the winner of the last hard fought seven candidate GOP Primary in 2010, spent the morning at Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant in downtown Chicago.  He did not speak to the media while he courted last-minute voters.

Hinsdale State Senator Kirk Dillard, who narrowly lost to Brady in 2010 by a mere 193 votes, voted with his wife Stephanie this morning.

He has seen a recent bump in the polls and has stepped up his campaign by calling on the services of his former boss, the still popular former Governor Jim Edgar.  “To have Governor Edgar travel with me was a great honor.  He was there to attest to the fact that I have lived and forced a Democratic legislature to have a balanced budget.  The state’s credit rating went up in the Edgar administration, which I had the honor of being the chief-of-staff in.  Our unemployment rate was below the national average.  His other message was I’m the one candidate, the only candidate, that can send Pat Quinn packing in the Fall.”

The fourth GOP candidate is State Senator Dan Rutherford, but he’s been keeping a low profile in light of a sexual harassment lawsuit he is fighting from a former staffer.

The polls are open until 7 p.m.


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1 Comment

  • Kalani Studley

    The reason I voted today, at age 35…is because I am sick and tired of our total corrupt leadership, that has run the last decades of years in Illinois. I know I will not win anything by voting, as always….. but I can sleep well at night knowing that I am against what this state has done to us….and plan to raise a family very soon…far away from Illinois.