Two teens charged with the beating of an elderly woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A pair of nursing home workers in Kane County are charged with abusing an elderly woman they were being paid to care for and video-taping it.

The victim is 97-years-old and suffers from dementia.  She didn’t know what was happening to her and was not hurt, police say.  But they also say this is serious.  Both of the suspects are charged with felonies.

Jacqueline Santos and Chemyra Barnett, both 18, both from South Elgin, both charged with aggravated battery of a person over sixty and illegal videotaping, a class three and four felonies.

Deputy Chief David Kintz of the St. Charles police department says, “The victim was not injured, but she is also not capable of understanding what was occurring at the time.”

Police say it happened Tuesday. They heard about it yesterday and immediately made the arrests.  It was the administrator here who turned her own employees in.  Ivy Gleeson told me today, no hesitation there.  Quote, “the safety of our residents is our top priority.”

It’s believed the suspects shared the video they shot with friends and can be seen laughing as they struck the elderly woman.

Police stress the victim is ok. The aggravated battery charges are the result of the victim’s age and the demeaning nature of the attack.

“We’re still looking into trying to track down copies of that videotape, so I can’t go into the manner as to how that was videotaped at this time, but we’re obviously looking into that,” says Deputy Chief David Kintz.

Tonight police are still working to track down that video. Bond for both nursing home aides was set today at 15-thousand dollars.  Both have already been fired. Live at in St. Charles, Tom Negovan, WGN TV News.

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  • Lisa

    Why are some young people so sick and cold-hearted nowdays?..and why do these morons video tape their crimes all the time?these are some sad times!!!

  • Rick

    What the hell were teens doing taking care of the elderly. They shouldn’t be hired for that kind of job. It should be someone trained specifically for that. I am sorry to say that’s abuse and they should be held accountable as an adult. Throw them both in jail.

    • Rick

      Abuse of resident's in nursing homes is done by males and females of all ages. These punks just happen to be berely legal but fortunately will pay the price of being legal. Their ignorant little asses will use the excuse that they were abused at home. As for training, the state I live in requires nursing home or any alternative care employees to have taken a training class and hold state certification.

      • Concerned citizen

        Illinois requires all certified nurses' assistant to undergo certification classes and pass a certification exam. Both alleged perpetrators are certified nruses' assistant. The facility has training program in place.