Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler refuse to vaccinate their son

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Reality star Kristin Cavallari says she and husband Jay Cutler are not vaccinating their children.

Cavallari tells Fox news she’s read too many books tying the shots to autism.

Pediatricians said the supposed link has been debunked by studies of millions of kids.

They say vaccinations save lives, and failing to vaccinate is leading to a resurgence in preventable diseases like measles and whooping cough.

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  • Pearlz

    Who are these people? Never heard of them. But they are idiots. Hey, I've read books that say the moon is made of cheese. Must be true, it's in a BOOK. smdh!

    • Sedmic

      NVIC is not a reputable source of information. I found no legitimate studies from the members of this website, nor do they have advanced degrees that would make their opinions credible. I have no reason to believe ANYTHING they say.

      The CDC, on the other hand, has a much better track record for published results and cites the evidence for their recommendations. I'll take the CDC's word any day of the week, thank you.

      NVIC looks like just another group of people, lulled into a false sense of security because they haven't experienced or seen first-hand the ravages of disease like typhoid, measles, polio, or pertussis. All of those diseases are still around in parts of the world where vaccination has not been comprehensively carried out.

  • mike

    Many mothers debate vaccination and both sides have compelling arguments… hope all goes well with the health of their children.

    • Sedmic

      The anti-vaccine movement does not have compelling arguments. They have anecdotes and a lot of press time. The movement cannot point to substantial, published, peer-reviewed evidence that supports the position that vaccines should not be given to children or adults. There are literally thousands of studies that show substantial benefit with minimal risk. Vaccines are pulled from the market when there are serious adverse events reported (i.e older Rotavax).

  • Rick

    I'm sure that these two had parents that made sure these two were vaccinated for everything when they were children. Have they lead healthy productive lives as children and adults? When would assume that. If not they should say what terrible illnesses they have had because of getting vaccinated. What these two dimwits are saying is they don't care what their kids are going to come down with and suffer through. Illnesses that have been virtually eradicated around the world…polio, small pox, whopping cough (big resurgence in the US) are coming back to haunt us because of the stupidity and ignorance of these so called celebrities and a lot of other parents (who need to remeber too that they were vacinnated and have been healthy. Good luck with your kids. Have lots of money because the rest of us don't plan on paying for your sick kids.

  • Ismael

    I don't like Cutler being resigned by the Bears but I agree with them in this case. My grandson was born in a normal way and for two years He looked fine like a normal kid until He got the 4 shots in one. He has never been the same and became autistic. My step-daughter is 100% sure it was the shots. She waited on her second child and will not have her daughter take the 4 shots at once. She is spacing them out now.

      • Ismael

        Shane I don't know how much You researched about this subject but the arguments go both ways. Do some research before You comment on something. I believe all Cutler and His wife are doing is delaying the vaccinations until the kids are older. I don't think They will leave the kids unprotected. You know mothers are always right, don't You remember when your mother said You were going to be a first class jerk. It looks like She was right.

  • annoyed citizen

    Why not look at other things like caffeine, Tylenol, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Everything causes harm and do not blame vaccines. They have come a long way. I read too believe it or not and I still got vaccines for my kids. Whooping cough and measles are nothing to mess with nor spread…. morons

  • James Nicholas

    This challenging choice of action isn't frivolous just to grab headlines. Neither result should be accepted due to peer connection or peer pressure but within an assured confidence of due diligence that will benefit the child and adult. Simply grabbing an intellectual brass ring from the carrousel of public opinion isn't the way to go on this. Research, investigate, and decision isn't easy with this. As for the illusion that other people pay for sick kids as a result of non-vaccination is just bunk'm –IMHO. As an aside example: the recommended yearly influenza vaccination allegedly immunizes 3 to 4 flu strains– but there are dozens of serious strains of flu – yet yearly vaccines don't cover those. Why? $$$

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    You can read more stories everyday about people here in the US, which used to be found only about people in third world countries. This story reveals how uneducated they are about a large number of basic subjects. It is embarrassing not just for them, but for this country.

  • Barb

    I commend any parents who educate themselves about all aspects of child rearing. However I would add my own experience. Last year, as a 55 yr old woman, I got whooping cough. Unbelievable to me. I was vaccinated as a child, but was told that this disease is making a resurgence, especially among us baby-boomers, as the vaccine wears off. I will tell you that it was a HORRIBLE experience, never ever in my life have I coughed so hard (ended up breaking a rib), and the episodes where my throat closed were terrifying. I cannot imagine how this would affect a young one, as I know it was very scary & dangerous to me, an older person. And if this vaccine IS wearing off, there will be many baby-boomers out there to pass it along to any unvaccinated kids.

    I also think that if this young mother had any knowledge of how devastating polio was back just a few generations ago, she might think twice.

  • really?2014

    Vaccines prevent horrible diseases. Vaccines are made with bad stuff like mercury that causes bad things like autism. So let's make vaccines without the toxins? Come on, people.

    • Ashlander

      Do you read anything at all that is published in scientific journals, or just the internet?

      Check this scientific review of recent epidemiological studies of the the link between autism and thimerosal (the organic mercury compound you seem to be talking about)….

      Here's the last paragraph of this article "Epidemiologic studies continue to provide evidence that there is no association between thimerosal exposure and autism. Whereas an infant younger than 6 months in 1999 could have been exposed to approximately 200 mcg of mercury derived from vaccines, the current amount is less than 3 mcg, if certain influenza vaccines are not included.13 Children should receive recommended immunizations to prevent serious disease.12 The known risks of serious complications from preventable infections—e.g., influenza—outweigh the risks of adverse consequences from vaccines, including TCVs" (TCV = Thimerosal Containing Vaccines)"