High speed crash kills Chicago police officer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police continue to investigate after an off duty Chicago police officer was killed during a high speed chase on the South Side.

Forty-two year old David Harris was killed when his Lexus was crushed by a speeding white van. Harris had just finished his shift when he was hit and killed.  Police identified the driver of the white van as 31-year-old Shanelle Terrell.  The Calumet Park woman who has a history of driving violations yet has never had a driver’s license.  Police say 33-year-old Solomon Wyatt was in the van with her.

Leah Gomillia witnessed the speeding van and says, “She kept getting on and off the expressway as she was getting chased.”

Gomillia and her friend said authorities were pursuing the van.  She says the van was going at least 100 miles an hour.  Gomillia and her friend believe the van was about to get back on the Dan Ryan at 87th when she hit the officer.

Florence Johnson also witnessed the accident and says, “That could have been us, could have been a mother on her way to work.  It could have been anyone, knowing it was a police officer is really sad.”

Calumet Park police say they first tried to pull Terrell over after an officer noticed her plates didn’t match the van.  But the department says, their officer was told to stop chasing the van. It’s unclear whether the officer followed the orders. He has been placed on desk duty while the department investigates.

After the crash, police found 6 to 10 pounds of marijuana in the white van.  The two are facing a number of charges, likely to include reckless homicide.

Pirsia Allen worked with Davis in Maywood before Davis joined the Chicago police department.  Allen says, “He was an aggressive officer that helped saved a retired sergeant when two people tried to rob a Maywood bank. He was a dedicated officer that laid his life down for the community and he did his job well.”

Allen went on to say, “He had a strong heart and he laid it out for anyone he could.”

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