Toddler argues with mother over cupcake: ‘Listen, listen, listen, Linda!’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

When it comes to cupcakes, one toddler is very persuasive.

A woman posted a video to YouTube of her 3-year-old son trying to argue with her about having cupcakes for dinner, and his reasons why are pretty hilarious.

The video has since gone viral and has more than 1 million video.

So, do you think he deserves the dessert? Comment below.

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    • lety

      SERIOUS? Ppl think this is cute? I want to see him in a few years thinking everyone needs to listen… No sweetie you are 3!! YOU LISTEN! Before I smack you!

  • Deborah Mitchell

    Does ellen know about him? She will. Get him ready for her show. Lol. It’s too hilarious to punish him, give him two damn cupcakes!!

  • Lillian

    Prime example of what's wrong with the US today. Children have no respect for adults….just didn't know it start at such an early age. Mother needs a course in parenting skills. When Mom says no, it means no. There is no reason for an extended debate between mother and child! Little brat!

  • TroofHertzSumtimes

    What people don’t get, including the mother, is that this isn’t “cute”.

    This kid is imitating other adults that patronize his mother (probably his father) and putting himself at her level by calling her Linda.

    What will a teacher do when a kid starts this disrespectful nonsense?

    This ain’t “cute” at all, it’s sad.

    Being raised with absolutely zero respect for his mother and women in general it seems.

    • Mateo's grandmother

      if you seen her youtube page .. this kid is well behaved. its just a moment she recorded …doesn't define her life or his.

      read a book.

      • TroofHertzSumtimes

        Let us know how he’s doing in 15 years.
        He’ll most likely be in juvenile detention for something that he thought he was really slick doing and could get away with.

      • Betty

        Hey, Mateo;s Grandmother! Nice for you to defend the mom, but she still does not know how to raise children. I can hear him in 15 years: Hey, Lady, give me your money and other valuables! Gangster in the making! Then Mama can say she does't understand him getting in trouble…he always was a good boy! Sure, lady! You made him the way he is!!!!

    • unkown

      Oh my god hes three and notice he didnt get the cupcake and it sounds to me like he gets punished she just didnt post to you tube what she did after. Lighten upand enjoy your children !

  • sasha

    This was cute! It has nothing to do with him being a bad kid but just shows his intelligence!! You people should laugh a little instead of criticizing someone you know nothing about lol.

  • hischildministry

    I don't think disobedience is cute, I don't think disrespect is cute. I think he is cute and I give him a lot of credit for trying to get the cupcake. I give this mom zero points for letting it go on. The first time he calls her Linda and tells her to listen to him should have been his only time before time out.

  • grissell

    I think it’s cute and no mom is not a bad mom how about all those mom’s that put there daughters on YouTube twerking does that mean the girls are going to be strippers no he is a very smart kid might be the next president or the lawyer that will defend ur kids in court

  • not that mom

    The video is funny, but the amount of disrespect from the child is anything but funny. That child needs a firm correction and both parents (assuming both are around) need to think about the examples they are setting for their kids. A child doesn't create behavior like that, he parrots what he sees.

  • eventzzz2014

    Mom needs parenting classes or she won’t be able to handle him when he’s older. There’s no need to argue the point with a toddler. But his stance, expressions, demeanor indicates he’s learned it from someone. It looks cute now but no should always mean no. Wonder what Super Nanny would think of this family.

  • Mary

    OMG, he needs to be smacked for even saying her first name. Clearly he never gets punished because he has no fear of it and no repect for his mom.

  • Diana

    It is NOT cute. He is disrespectful, should not call his mother by her first name, should have time out or whatever punishment his mother feels fits the crime. I think this is ridiculous and by allowing him to go on and on only encourages this behavior.

  • children learn from parents

    This kids father (or whoever the male in this house is) obviously is overbearing and disrespectful of women and belittles them.
    Men with respect for women are not raised by parents like Mateo’s.
    Sorry. It’s true.

  • Carrie

    He is tooooo cute! And I think the mom is doing a great job. This is way cuter then kids throwing tantrums.. He was negotiating … 3 ? Really.. Lighten up people… This in no way possible will lead to him being a “bad” person…

  • Susie Jay

    People need to lighten up! obviously mom let this go on so that she could film it and post the video. The kid is cute, smart and has a fantastic vocabulary for a 3 year old! Don`t judge a family and make assumptions about the child`s future based on a funny video they posted as entertainment!
    Go Mateo! Enjoy your cupcake, you earned it!