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Midday Fix: Journal making demonstration from Hyde Park Art Center

Hyde Park Art Center

Second Sundays
March 9, April 13 and May 11
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell
(773) 324-5520

Create Your Own Journal Using a Simple Japanese Book and Egg Tempera Paint


9 x 12” paper
ribbon, string, yarn, or thread (three times the length of book)
hole punch (decorative)
charms, beads

Egg Tempera Paint
Egg yolk
Paint Brush

Line up papers. Punch 3 (or more) holes in paper, at least 1/4” from edge. Tie string in a knot in the top hole around the spine of the book. Guide string over top edge of the book back into hole #1. Guide string to hole #2 and wrap the spine of the book. Continue to hole #3 and wrap the spine of the book. Complete bottom stitch of book and return string to hole #3. Stitch missing spots – Hole #3 to hole #2 to hole #1. Tie in knot at hole #1. Decorate excess string with beads and charms to create an attached bookmark

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