Teen attacked at school; police say it’s a hate crime

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A Crystal Lake 8th grader attacked another student, breaking his collar bone. Police are calling it a hate crime and the victim is telling his side of the story.

On Tuesday night, Omid Babakhani was resting comfortably but was concerned.

“I had never met the kid before, and it came out of the blue and I didn’t even know how to react to that,” he said.

On Monday, a fellow 8th grader, at Hannah Beardsley Middle School, was accused of attacking Omid, breaking both of his collarbones.

“He came in. Called me a Persian from behind my back and I didn’t think anything of it. Then he came up and called my mom a rude word and I said not to call my mother that and then he punched me.  My friend Chris came over from his locker and pulled him off me,” says Omid.

“I don’t know what you can do to prevent it,” said Omid’s father Ben Babakhani.

His father, Ben, who came here from Iran 30 years ago, is concerned.  Not only about Omid’s future in competitive swimming, but his safety.

“We very much love he neighborhood, school district all of that. I don’t know, we are still up to now, every hour we just going back to it and keep saying ‘what prompted this?’

It’s like it has no rhyme or reason to it,” Ben said.

The Crystal Lake police tell us the other boy turned himself, and is being held at the Kane County Juvenile Detention Facility until his next court date.

He was charged with felony battery and a hate crime.