Your Money Matters: Finance discussion tips for newly engaged couples

Kathy Roeser

Kathy’s Tips:

Things to Consider

Assets –
Comingle or keep separate
Investment  decisions as a joint effort

Bills –
In a 2-income relationship, define who’s responsible for what?
Budget:  are either of you used to “living” on a budget

Debts/Liabilities/Obligations –
How much (for what)
Are there obligations to a former spouse or children

Credit history and scores

Asset Protection/Insurance
Who is beneficiary
Is it adequate, especially if children exist or are planned

Retirement assets
Where, how much, who is beneficiary (be sure it’s not a former spouse or a parent).  Insurance policies and retirement plans are beneficiary driven. . . pretty ugly if a spouse dies and his/her life insurance proceeds go to the former spouse.

Priorities –
Is putting money away for the future children’s education more/less important than buying a new car?  How does each feel about debt?

Extended family input
Is one accustomed to discussing his/her finances and decisions with a parent(s)?