Girl, 14, charged with murder of 11-year-old sister in Mundelein

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 14-year-old girl is charged with murdering her 11-year-old sister at their home in Mundelein.

Lake County Juvenile Prosecutors say the teenager stabbed her sister more than 30 times with a kitchen knife because the teen didn’t feel appreciated.

They say the suspect told police she attacked her younger sister as she slept Tuesday morning at 1633 Woodhaven Court.

Prosecutors say the teenager initially told police a man was responsible for the murder, but she later confessed.

Neighbors in the community have set up a fund to help pay for the 11-year-old’s funeral. To donate, go to:

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    • Danny

      Not by a long shot. The elder sister somehow grew tired of her younger half-sister. Reports says, she confessed and felt her efforts were unappreciated by her younger sibling.

  • Koala

    Why all the secrecy?? How is this anymore or less violent then what you hear in the news daily. Mundelein officials were acting like people were going to be shocked over the crime. Listening to the mayor of Mundelein made we wonder why is this case any different? To me its just another day in America. Children are killed daily in Chicago. Remember a year ago 20 young children were gunned down in Connecticut. A day or so ago a Purdue student was murdered and within the last week before that there was one or two more school shootings. We are numb to it. We expect it.

      • Richard

        George Stinney was was inoccent boy that was killed by racist pigs. We still have them around today aka jon burge. but in this case she is a murderer so yes she needs the chair.

      • Nelson

        He was was?

        Perhaps it's a mental health issue and could use a bit more time to see. Put the torch and pitchfork away Richard.

      • Richard

        Everycase is a mental or health issue? this girl killed her sister. People are raising their kids to week these days. We need to bring back the belt for a good old fashion whoopin to instill some morals and values that these kids are missing this is becoming to normal. Every generation of parents are becoming dumber there is no wisdow being pass to children today.

      • Nelson

        I agree with you there, the 'ol belt needs a comeback. And yes there's much more whiners with the kids today, many young adults too. America's headin' downhill fast and I don't see it getting any better realistically. Too much unraveling of families now. It's very sad to witness… : (

  • Nik

    I actually new these girls i used to have class with the 14 year old her and her sister were very close. Its very shocking to a lot of people that she would do this. She didn't have any mental problems but they didn't have a father or at least when we still talked she might have just been tired of having to take care of her little sister but it was still not a good way to settle the dispute between them.

  • Don

    This is why a 14 yr old should not have to care for a sibling very often or very much. It is not her responsibility to care for the 11 year old.

  • tom

    Some people have no compasstion. No mater what happend here why make it worse saying bad things about the people involved. Especialy if you don,t know them. As the saying goes"Don't judge me untill you walk a mile in my shoes". The pressure on teenagers in the world can be intense. And a 14 year old girl is going through many changes emotionaly and physicaly. I feel sorry for all three of them The little girl that woke up to the attack that took her life, the 14 year old that in a fit of rage did something that will change her life forever, and the single mom who lost both her girls, one to death the other to the legal system. Please show some compassion for people in trouble they may not have the support you have in life or the knowlege you you have.

  • Kathie

    I wonder if there was some other situation in this family – such as a narcissistic mother who was playing the two of them against each other for her own purposes. There's a lot of things going on in a dysfunctional family that other people are never going to know about. That amount of rage had been building for years. It's a terrible tragedy that might never have arisen in another family. Maybe we'll find out a lot more as the case develops.