Your Money Matters: Changing careers

Steve Wolfe

Addison Group


Do your research:
Tackling a new career can be an intimidating task. Even just figuring out what/where you want to apply can be consuming. A great starting point is with career coaches or staffing firms.  In addition, staffing firms allow candidates to try various positions before committing to one, which is a great way to get real world experience.

Identify your goals:
A lot of individuals come in knowing they want a change, but don’t really know what they want. Setting five year goals or a relative timeline for progress can help achieve a manageable path to career success.

Embrace change:
You should never feel ‘stuck’ in a position. Think of the career change as an opportunity to grow professionally and personally and embrace the chance to start fresh.

Don’t limit yourself:
It’s never too late to start a new career. Thinking you’ve tenured at your current position and won’t be able to thrive elsewhere is just placing a limitation on yourself. If you’re unhappy or unfulfilled, it’s in your best interest to look elsewhere.

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