CPS reopens today after extreme cold streak

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Winter break lasted two days longer than expected for most students in Chicago.  After spending the last two days at home because of the bitter cold weather students returned to class this morning at Chicago Public Schools and most suburban schools.

At the Willa Cather Elementary School, 2908 West Washington Boulevard, days like today mean a whole new generation of people will recall their challenging treks to school through cold and snow.

Because of the freezing temperatures and treacherous snow piles, some parents feel CPS should have considered a third day off.

There are many vacant lots and homes in the East Garfield Park neighborhood where the Cather School is located.  That means unplowed sidewalks even along the “Safe Passage” route where workers were keeping an eye on more than crime today — especially with so many kids walking in the streets.

Despite car troubles and other cold-related issues this morning many parents are glad to have their kids back in school, since “cabin fever” was setting in long before yesterday.

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  • Stephanie

    Kudos to the WGN team!!!!! This has been an issue for years. As soon as your news crew left they were out snow blowing the sidewalk. Sidewalk will be clear for tomorrow. Thank you.

  • CAS

    Nancy, saw your report at 8am. I don't think it's news to report the one or two slackers that want the schools to remain closed a 3rd day. You live in Chicago – deal with it or move! It's time to get back to school.

    A car that won't start or lack of boots is not newsworthy. These few folks had days and days to remedy this. Not an excuse to keep schools closed for everyone!

  • CPS parent

    City of Chicago should have made a better plan with CPS. Side streets should have been plowed especially those surrounding the schools. Busses and cars had a hard time with drop offs at my child’s school. None of the side streets that were to be cleared yesterday were properly plowed.

  • CPS Mom

    CPS & the city should be ashamed of that lack of plowing done around schools. All this talk of safety for our kids yet they had to climb mounds of snow & ice to get to school today, while looking out for cars sliding everywhere because nothing was plowed. It was a huge mess that did not need to happen.

    Epic Fail CPS!! Get salt & plows out around these schools!