Chicagoans prepare for extreme cold

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In the relative warm before the storm, Chicagoans prepared for the cold– on two legs and on four.

Barbara Kompare, Paws Chicago Veterinarian: “When it’s super cold like that you want to make sure that your dogs have a very limited amount of exposure to that really really cold weather… for example, if you’re taking your dogs for a walk you’re not going to take them for a typical walk.. They need to be short and sweet.  Get them out to do their business and probably get them back in side.  If you have an outside dog that doghouse isn’t going to be good enough.  Bring them into the garage or the laundry room somewhere where they’ll be protected from the snow and wind.”

She said “I know a lot of people dress their dogs up in jackets and stuff is that a good thing to do?  It is a good thing; I think main categories of animals are geriatric, thin animals, young and also hyper-thyroid animals. 51 and short coated animals, they’re going to need a sweater or jackets so it’s actually not that silly.”

At uncle Dan’s on Southport, stocking up for the cold came with a lesson in layers.

“And the lesson for that, you hear that all the time.  Layering is trapping air. There can’t be too many layers.”

Brent said “I would go out wearing this with my soft shell with my soft shell on top of it and another layer with a synthetic, with a wind and water protectant shell, so four layers is what I’m saying.”

All of which, you can likely find already at home, for this short burst of arctic air. Keep the toes and hands warm — just be smart, and pass along your knowledge to others who may need it.

“Layer layer layer, layer layer layer. And cover your skin.”

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