Chicago’s Very Own

Chicago’s Very Own: Sister Jean Schmidt

Sister Jean Schmidt is like a rock star on Loyola University’s campus in Chicago.

She has spent the last half century,  and then some,  on campus. And since the early ‘90s , she’s served as chaplain to the mens basketball team. She is their most devout fan. And at a very spry 94, she’s gets the Holy Spirit going at game time.

Before each home game, the players huddle up with Sister Jean.  She says a unique prayer and lays it out in divine order the strategy to win the game.

The players thank heaven for Sister Jean for the profound effect she’s had on their team.

Sister Jean says she knew in the 3rd grade that she wanted to be a nun and help people.

“Whether they’re younger people or older people,  it’s just being with people and I love that and spreading  god’s word and you do that not by talking all the time, but just by your presence,” she said.

As long as they’ll have her, Sister Jean will remain a fixture at Loyola and a faithful guardian to her Ramblers.

Sister Jean Schmidt. She’s one of Chicago’s very own.


6 Comments to “Chicago’s Very Own: Sister Jean Schmidt”

    Gayle said:
    December 24, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    Back in the early 70's I had the pleasure of meeting Sister Jean Delores Schmidt at Mundelein College. I do not recall what her title was then but she changed my life. I remember interviewing with her for admission to Mundelein College and admired her and her enthusiasm for the school. I graduated from Mundelein College because of her and her encouragement. I also spent my Junior year at Loyola University in Rome because of her. It was a marvelous education and I always wanted to say thank you to her for the interest she took in me. Thanks Sister Jean. I am so happy to see you are still doing what you do best for others here in Chicago. Good Bless you are a treasure!

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