Wrigley Field renovation plan changed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The latest changes to the Wrigley Field renovation plans will affect parking on Sheffield Avenue.

The Chicago Landmarks Commission approved a plan that would push back the right field wall even further.

The original plan was seven feet, but now it will be pushed back 15 feet.

Sheffield will have to be narrowed, and some parking will be eliminated.

The Cubs say this would minimize how much their new 650-square-foot see-through billboard above right field will block rooftop views.

Cubs ownership say they won’t start the renovation until rooftop owners promise not to sue them.

The amended renovation plans still have to go back to the Plan Commission and City Council for approval.

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  • Danny Perez

    Do the Rooftop owners pay Cub Salaries? Do they pay for yearly maintnence costs in Wrigley Field ? Do they travel with the team and care for their well being? Do they invest in bringing in future talent? No and No and No and No. Why do they feel like they have an authoritive word in anything that the Cubs do? They are their because of the Cubs, NOT the other way around. Freeloaders!

  • Jay

    Simple, move to Rosemont and build a new ball park with retractable roof, Then when the neighborhood goes back to the crim ridden hole it was a few years ago, then let's see what the rooftop owners have to say about it…

  • joe

    To run the business, it might be easier in Rosemont. New ball park, plenty of parking, able to do what you need to do to bring a world series to Chicagoland area. Sounds like the busines model is else where, and the best thing about it , no Alderman to dig into your pockets. Every major league team is living in the 21ST Century, running a 21st Century budget, except for one. Go west new owners!