Mariano’s may buy Dominick’s stores

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

There’s hope some more Dominick’s employees will get to keep their jobs.

Dominick’s is set to close its stores before New Year’s Eve.

Friday, Mariano’s confirms it may acquire some of the closing locations.

Last month, Jewel Food Stores stepped in and bought four of Dominick’s 72 locations.

Mariano’s, which is run by the former president of Dominick’s, opened its 13th location in Wheaton last week and plans to open five more stores next year.

Dominick’s employed more than 5600 workers.

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    • Satisfied customer

      That is the total opposite of my Dominick's store. There are no high school people working there. The people working at my store are hard working, friendly, caring individuals with families. I have gotten to know almost all of them through the years and they are one of the reasons I enjoyed coming back. There are also several individuals with special needs who work there and they are all very hard working caring individuals. All the Dominick's employees I have talked to there are devastated by the news of their store closing, which they learned about from the news. They are all very concerned about being hired or finding a new job right as the holidays arrive. It is very sad. My advice to you is if you have issues with a particular employee, take it up with their manager. Be a part of the solution. But don't you dare speak for each store. Your experience unfortunately has been quite different than mine.

  • Diane

    Kindly directed @stisfied~

    I don't think Joe was commenting about Dominick's employees per se , but a generalization of today's youth in the workplace. Most retailers don't allow their staff to touch their cell phone while on the clock.
    The average age of the very hard working employees at my local suburban Dominick's is probably 30+. And I'm very sorry to see them close.