Man sentenced to 18 months for impersonating cop…again

A man who once posed as a police officer when he was a teenager, is now going to prison for doing it again.

19-year-old Vincent Richardson pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer and was sentenced to 18-months in prison.

Richardson was caught posing as an officer when he tried to buy some police equipment at a uniform store in July.

Richardson was more convincing when he was 14-years-old.

That’s when he impersonated an officer and went on patrol with another officer for more than five hours.

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  • Casper

    What is 18 months of prison time gonna do for him ? Nothing, whatsoever… Clearly this young man needs some type of psychological intervention of some kind… He has such a fascination with law and order… I also agree with the comment above… Not a bad idea

  • esco

    There's plenty of jobs in the security field that he could've applied for other than law enforcement. Rather than pretend he should've applied for a guard card and climb the ladder until other opportunities present themselves. He's ruining his chances by doing this stuff..