Hallmark removes ‘gay’ from ‘Deck the Halls’ ornament

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One of Hallmark’s holiday ornaments is being criticized for changing a holiday classic.

The red holiday sweater ornament is decorated with a lyric from the song “Deck the Halls.”

But, instead of saying, “Don we now our gay apparel,” it says, “Don we now our fun apparel.”

Many people took to the store’s Facebook page expressing their opinions regarding the change of lyric.

Hallmark released a statement saying that the ornament was created in the spirit of “fun,” and that the word “gay” has multiple meanings.


  • ChicagoCommonSense

    Hey Edna and the other bigots…there was no pressure by anyone to change the word from gay to fun. In fact, the fact that Hallmark would feel they need to change it says something about their agenda. They think rubes and bigots such as you fools would not buy an ornament that had the word gay on it. Seriously…are you folks really this stupid…especially you Edna.

  • Edna

    Hey, CCS! I would have bought the ornament with the word "gay" on it as it is tradition! The word "gay" has multiple meanings and does not belong exclusively to the homosexual community. As far as Hallmark's agenda, it is called "pandering".

  • Mr J Biller

    I am offended by the way Hallmark has changed a traditional Christmas carol song lyrics! I now refuse to purchase any items from Hallmark until they correct this major BLUNDER!!! Why is it that everyone gets to be offended but the Christians! If the LGBT individuals don't like it…..then DON'T buy it or look at it. What the heck has happened to this country? Please do go to their Facebook page and let them know what idiots they are for doing this.

  • Brian Millersmith

    Hey, it's still possible to wear gay clothing, if one so desires. I prefer to wear a sweater that reads,
    "Don we now our hetero apparel."

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