Food stamp cuts start today; 47 million Americans impacted

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Starting Friday, food stamp benefits are getting smaller.

47 million Americans get government help with their grocery bills.


But a temporary boost in food stamp funding expired Thursday.

The cuts amount to 21 meals a month for people on the program, according to the Department of Agriculture.

A family of four receiving benefits in Illinois will lose $36 a month.

A single person on food stamps will lose $11 a month.

Feeding America estimates that the cuts will mean a loss of 2 billion meals for families, next year.


  • Dick Beninya

    This is the problem with America today! This was a short term program that BOOSTED the payments temporarily and is now over. People aren’t LOSING anything! They factually GAINED by this temporary program! Give a man a fish and he expects one every day for life???

    • Diane

      If you believe what the Obama administration has been saying for the past 5 years. Unemployment is considerably down and the economy has been turning around.. If thats true then the food stamp programs should be reduced because the dire need is no longer there with so many people back to work.
      Of course this administration also claimed the Benghazi attacks were the result of an anti-Muslim video,. The IRS did not target conservative 501(3)c groups,. Borrowing more money , raising the debt ceiling , and spending more than you have is GOOD for the economy. Finally , YOU CAN keeps your current health care plan and doctor.

      If you believe Obama is a truthful president. Which many of us do. Than there is less need for welfare programs because our country is much improved under his leadership.

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