Bike fee proposal met with mixed reactions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Chicago alderwoman wants the city to force bicycle owners to register their bikes, just like cars, and pay an annual fee.

Calling herself a bike rider and standing outside her ward office at 50th and State, Alderman Pat Dowell maintained that a $25 dollar registration fee for bikes and a mandatory hour long safety class is good for everyone that shares the road.

The alderman called the measure an effort to generate money and improve safety. She believes there are at least 200 bikes in the city and fees could easily generate $5 million dollars and help close the $339 million dollar shortfall in the 2014 budget proposal.

There is an existing ordinance on the books that calls for bike registration, Dowell says she just adding the fee.

The mayor released this statement in response saying…“This particular proposal reflects the bike registration law that is already city law. That law is difficult to enforce because of the police resources needed. Our officers should be focused on the most serious crimes….We will be reaching out to the alderman to discuss her proposal.”

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  • donnyd

    Yes. Yes. And we can set up toll booths for them every 1/2 mile so they can enjoy the roads like the rest of us. And if you let your sister ride on the handlebars, you can use the carpool lane.

  • John

    Well guess what Alderman, I pay taxes that go to the street maintenance, lights, etc and I havn't driven in 10 years. So basically I'm saying this won't float anyway but even if you try….no i'm not paying that. And good luck on enforcing it.

  • Scott

    I got an idea lets eliminate her job as well as a lot of other worthless politicians in the city of chicago. That i am sure will help the city of chicago with its financial problems. Here is a message to mayor Emmanuel get your hands out of my pockets. Taxation without representation.