Hundreds rally at capitol in protest of gay marriage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hundreds of people from different religions and races gathered in Springfield today to rally against gay marriage.

The group started off with a prayer supporting the “traditional” definition of marriage in the state capitol’s rotunda this afternoon.  They are calling for lawmakers to uphold that tradition between a man and a woman.  Bishop Larry Trotter, of Sweet Holy Spirit Church, traveled from Chicago to the rally and told the group that gay marriage is against the word and the will of God.

State Senator Kirk Dillard, who’s running for governor, said it’s the state’s duty to protect the family.

The rally comes one day after gay marriage supporters descended on the state capitol urging legislators to vote on a measure that’s stalled in the house after passing in the senate.  That vote could be delayed until January.

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  • Downstate Sue

    I'm a lobbyist and saw the rallies for gay marriage and against gay marriage. Three times as many people turned out AGAINST gay marriage. There were thousands in the capitol, not merely "hundreds."

    • John Christianson

      That's great news. It shows that Illinois is still a state with strong moral values. We who support true marriage will continue to keep Illinois a state that is clean and morally firm. Illinois will forever uphold the beautiful and enduring traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

      • Equality

        Bigots have no moral compass so it is interesting how "Illinois is still a state with strong moral values". Interesting how you feel it is your right to give someone else human rights.

    • ChicagoCommonSense

      I'm gonna have to call you a liar Sue. Far more people rallied for gay marriage than against…thousands more. But keep on lying and trying to press your bigoted views.

  • John Christianson

    True. Homosexual marriage is an abomination, but it is also ridiculous. What could be more absurd than to see a man in a wedding gown walking down the aisle while the organ plays "Here comes the Bride"? LOL

      • John Christianson

        The keep editing out the part of my message that rhymes with GOMO. Pitiful. It's an English workd in the dictionary!

  • Anon

    There were approx. 5 thousand on Wed (marriage) and about 1,500 on Tues (anti-marriage). Certainly coverage of Wednesday's event was either minimized (as in this article) or omitted altogether.