Emanuel’s 2014 budget to include higher parking fines, towing fees

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Parking fines and vehicle impoundment fees will rise under Mayor Emanuel’s 2014 budget proposal as a way to fill the city’s deep deficit. They are just the latest areas to see increases in order to fix the city’s roughly $340 million debt.

The mayor will deliver his financial plan Wednesday at City Hall.

The mayor is hoping the increases for illegally parking and vehicle impoundments will generate nearly $10 million.

The mayor is also pitching a 75-cent increase on the cigarette tax, and a 50 percent hike in the amusement tax rate on cable TV service.

These new fines would be part of a proposed $32.9 million tax, fee and fine boosting package.

The mayor has promised not to raise property taxes.


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    Keep taking and taking! Budget is never gonna get fixed when your buying 600k doors, lighting fixtures, and tablets! How much more can you suck out of people? We are broke already, go find money elsewhere. Like your salaries!

  • Guest

    Mayor Emmanuel's plan to balance the budget is to nickel and dime us Chicagoans to death! He doesn't cut spending, he just raises a tax or charges another fee. We are never going to have a balanced budget by doing this because he gets more money and spends it and then says we have a deficit!

  • Guest

    This is why I despise the Government, local, state, and federal, we have to vote them all out and start fresh with politicians who actually helps and care about the people, and not always filling their pockets with cash all the damn time!!!!

  • Chris

    I'm a Democrat and I have to say that I am sick of this. I am sick and tired of this city taking more and more of our money but not giving us anything in return. City services never improve and neither do our paychecks! Cut spending and over-inflated city salaries and pensions before you suck us dry like vampires.

  • note

    Rahm's budget plan is to shake down tax payers for more money, it will not bring jobs to Chicago and will only drive jobs out of Chicago.

  • Gilbert

    That's it. I'm voting Republican or Independent on the next mayoral election. If he gets re-elected again, I'm moving out of the city.

  • Shane

    And this, folks, is what a corporate democrat looks like. Get rid of these corporate dems and baggers and start voting for progressives!!

  • Odd One

    New campaign slogan,


    We have had enough of Mr. Emanuel.

    Chicago can not afford a dynasty type mayor again.
    Let's vote this man out and elect another choice.
    A monkey could do a better job of fiscal budgeting
    simply counting bananas than Mr. Emanuel can with all of his wealth.


    Copy and paste this comment to start An early campaign to vote him
    out of office next term. If we don't, then we deserve what we get.

    He's a white version of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of that ilk club.
    But in white face, he's a white, no good, low down, dirty, good for nothing,
    POLITICAL POVERTY PIMP!!! Let's push this man to the curb and start over.