Police: 2 adults, 2 children die from carbon monoxide poisoning

A family of four was found dead inside a home in northwest Indiana.

Police say they died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Officers were called to the home in Merrillville Wednesday night to conduct a well-being check.

They found the bodies of 11-year-old Morgan Nichols, 13-year-old Matthew Nichols and their parents – 41-year-old Michael Nichols and 38-year-old Kennetha Purnell.

The family was moving into the home, and did not have power.

Investigators say the carbon monoxide came from a gas generator that was found in the garage.

Officials say the family may have died on Saturday.

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  • PC Dept.

    I didn't know Kennetha Purnell personally but we worked for the same company. Her presence is surely going to be missed around campus.

  • Brian Millersmith

    Sad, but – HEY! Running an internal combustion engine INSIDE a garage, in which LIVING QUARTERS are RIGHT ABOVE??? Hmmm… Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest, etc.
    Let's now wait for lawsuits – the generator company, for not stressing (enough) NOT to use indoors; the gasoline container manufacturer for NOT stating, "DO NOT USE TO FILL GENERATORS THAT WILL BE STUPIDLY USED INDOORS."; the gas station attendant for NOT running out and reminding the idiot: "Don't use this in an engine you plan to run indoors!!!"; the manufacturer of the Garage Door Opener for not having an CO sensor that would have automatically opened the door, sounded an alarm and called 911. The list goes on…

  • Esco

    It's sad he didn't know not to do that. I thought it was common knowledge not to run engines indoors unattended as well as using LPG BBQ's to heat a room or house. Missing these little details have devastating consequences. Hopefully others learn from this tragedy.