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Latinos opening doors to new ministries more than ever before

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we take a look at the impact Latinos are having on some of the nation’s largest industries; from sports to entertainment and also religion.

Latinos are opening the doors to new ministries.  Thousands of Latinos are switching from their traditional Catholic Church to a Protestant ministry.

One of the fastest growing ministries is located here in Chicago and is run by Pastor Wilfredo DeJesus.  In 2000 they had just 68 members and have now exploded to 17,000.  DeJesus has become the face behind a religious shift from the Catholic Church to evangelical ministries.  He says evangelical churches are offering people a larger connection.

“You can’t just speak in generalities, you have to speak to the closures of homes, foreclosures,” he says.  “You can’t just have mass.”

25235039While evangelical ministries are gaining members, the Catholic Church is losing members.  Bishop Alberto with the Archdiocese of Chicago says the shift is often temporary with many of them eventually returning to the Catholic Church.

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