Style Files: Affordable fall fashions

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Tips for a Fantastic Wardrobe:

Your closet should be about quality over quantity.
Don’t buy it just because it’s 80% off.  It might be 80% off because it a poor fit or simply not flattering.  The retailer probably made a mistake – don’t take the bait! Those of us who have not purged over the years tend to wear only 20% of our closet at any given time. If you bought fewer but spectacular pieces, you might spend the same money you would on many but subpar pieces.  Go ahead and buy it only if . . . see tip #2

Buy pieces that fill in your gaps in your closet.
First you need a strategy.  Either with hired help or a trusted friend, go through your closet and edit it into 4 categories: “For donation, for garbage (is it stained or was the victim of moths), for alterations (only if the cost will be less than 10% of what you paid for it) or for KEEPS!”  You will purge items that were not worn last season (unless there is a strong reason to keep it).  We also help women and men with making sure it also fits his or her true style.  Your For keeps pile may reveal some gaps.  For example, you may need a great day to night black dress, a versatile blazer, a couple of printed blouses and a pair of skinny jeans.  Be sure to have a 3:1 ratio of tops to bottoms.  Make a checklist of what you’re missing and take your time finding the best of each.

Meeting needs, a great fit and versatility are key.
When you are choosing a piece, make sure it fills in a gap for you and then make sure it is flattering on you.  Finally, make sure it is versatile.  For example, you might choose a pant that is seasonless or a blouse that can be worn under a blazer, sweater or even on it’s own.

Layering is what makes you look stylish and put together.
Try at least 2 if not 3 layers.  Accessories like scarves and jewelry are great 3rd layers.  Patterns can be worn together if they are in the same color family or the size of pattern is varied among the pieces.

Beware of the workout attire uniform!
While it is for working out, if you must wear workout pants, throw on a cute long cardi and ballet flats or longer flowy top and scarf.

The items shown today were from:


J Crew

Banana Republic

Made Well


H & M




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